Birth + Life Shomrit

Chaya is a Jewish woman, wife, mother of three unassisted, homebirthed boys, and co-founder of Prudence Ministries.


Her spiritual perspective is founded on the Tanakh, flavored by her faith journey from Christianity to traditional Judaism, and informed by her observations of the Divine designs of nature.

What is a "birth + life shomrit"? Shomrit is a guardian, keeper, or watchman. As a birth and life shomrit, Chaya acts as a guardian over the life and birth experiences of all members who invite her in.


"Women of the Waters"

Neshot HaMayim is Hebrew for "women of the waters". These waters represent the Living waters of nature, the first waters of creation, and the waters of the womb. Water is cleansing, healing, reflective, transformative, and necessary for all of life.


With these truths in mind, Neshot HaMayim exists to offer resources and tools for women seeking a different perspective on what spiritual nourishment can look like.


A Private Healing Association

Details coming soon!