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The Organization

Offering community and resources for Jewish and Jew-curious women.

This is an exploration of the Bible, the wisdom of nature, and the traditions of Judaism to discover what sacred femininity looks like.


Neshot Hamayim means “Women of the Waters”. This represents the mikvah waters, the living waters, the waters in which all of creation was - and is - born. Water is both physically and ritually cleansing, reflective, clarifying, nourishing, and energizing. It exists in many different forms and is necessary for all of life. Spiritual connection is the same.


Get to Know Me

I am Chaya.


I have a husband and three young sons. Together, we live in rural western Montana with our dog, cats, and chickens.


Officially, my completed certifications are as follows:

Indie Birth Midwifery School alumna — Indie Birth Midwifery School

Perinatal Nutrition Educator — Perinatal Nutrition Academy

Herbal Medicine Making (western) — Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine


Unofficially and without certification, I performed in my church’s worship music band since age 13 until about age 18 and served as a Christian youth program leader for a few years as a young adult. That meant creating and leading Bible studies, leading and performing music, and guiding those younger than me to the best of my ability. I have performed music as a solo artist as well as in a band, under the banner of a Christian church group or of my own original songs. I’ve dabbled in learning other languages and am currently being tutored in Biblical Hebrew by a historical and linguistic scholar. I am actively working toward becoming a community home birth midwife, a theological and spiritual resource, and an experienced homesteader.


I was raised in a rural, agricultural, desert community, in a family of devout Christians. I, myself, was a devout Christian and, though my religion has certainly shifted, my love of the Bible has stood firm. This, however, caused more problems for me than one would think, as I would point out discrepancies between what was written and what the traditions of Christianity would claim. As a young adult, my theological differences found their home in what is called the Hebrew Roots movement (which is very near to Messianic Judaism). A few years later, my husband and I determined that Jesus was not the Messiah, and therefore put ourselves in a bit of a religious voidspace. It was at that point that we agreed to pursue a Jewish conversion. We moved across states (and what felt like to another planet) to live amongst the nearest Orthodox Jewish community.


Without going into it all, a lot happened, and we had to move again - halting our conversion. Over a period of time, we discussed conversion with a Conservative (the non-political type) rabbi and completed a “not-Orthodox” conversion. We moved back to Montana, where we live close to a Chabad Orthodox community.


In any case, I’m curious to see what lies ahead. And, thanks for being here.


Plans and Goals

Research Scripture

Starting with the Bible, the most readily available (to me) source of information on what is acceptable, praised, expected, (etc.) of women and spiritual connection.

Research Nature

The next readily available source of information is nature according to anecdotal evidence and scientific discovery. This is ongoing - there is so much humans don't know or have forgotten about the physiological designs of life.

Research Tradition

I aim to take a look at each Jewish traditional topic (focused on womanhood and spirituality) in order to build on our findings in scripture and nature. 

Create Teaching Materials

As of now, this looks like creating categorical online courses. It might become a book or something more, in the future. Whatever HaShem wills.


Music is one clear connection to the Divine that is not only permissible, but encouraged - possibly even expected - in scripture. It has also been incredibly elusive, at least to me, to find worshipful and entertaining music from the Jewish perspective in general, let alone in English. I am working to do my part in providing enjoyable, Hebrew AND English versions of traditional songs, as well as worshipful music for casual entertainment and reflection.


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