The Hebrew Doula

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I offer knowledgeable, intuitive home birth support for one of life's most sacred events. This is where you will find all of my birth-related offerings.

Birth is...
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I believe in the Divine design of birth and the innate ability of mothers to embody its wisdom. A mother knows the needs of herself and the life she carries. She knows her needs may include more confidence through education or reassurance through another's skilled and loving support. She knows that she is the queen of her family, the sovereign of her body, and deserves to be treated with such respect. She knows that she is uniquely connected to her baby and that there is no equal substitute to her own embrace. A birthing mother wants to feel unobserved, undisturbed, and safe.

As the doula, it is my role to provide emotional and practical support when called upon, to respect the autonomy of the birthing mother, and to hold space for this sacred journey.



  • Lifestyle Support

    • nutrition

    • stress management

  • Milestone Support

    • clearing fears​

    • emergency planning

    • partner support

  • Postpartum Planning

    • meal prep​

    • organizing supplies

  • Emotional Check-ins

  • Availability for Questions​​


  • Practical Support

    • snack & drink runner​

    • help maintain & protect the birth space

    • set up/clean up

    • entertaining siblings

  • Mother Support​

    • emotional​

    • spiritual

    • physical


  • Practical Support

    • Light house cleaning

    • Laundry

    • Meal or snack prep

    • Childcare

  • Facilitating previously organized support​ team

  • Emotional Check-ins

  • Availability for Questions


  • Mother Blessing

    • During pregnancy

    • Includes postpartum support team sign-up​

  • Postpartum Closing​

    • 40 days postpartum​

Distinct Offerings

Think of me as a personal trainer for your pregnancy.

Informed by my studies in sacred midwifery, I help you utilize proper pregnancy nutrition and offer a variety of ways to keep your stressors manageable. This could be as involved as going on nature walks together, or as simple as a brief text to support you with your goals.

Think of me as your soul sister.

Aside from all of the ways I support you practically from pregnancy through the postpartum time, I also offer opportunities for you to deeply connect with this powerful and unique transformation.

"You appeared as an answer to prayer... Having a doula was something I thought I didn't need, but I understand now how valuable a doula can be for an expecting family.

Your support while I was pregnant; emotionally, physically being available and so willing to help...was such a comfort."

Kat P.

About Chaya

I am a Jewish woman, wife, and mother of three unassisted, home-birthed boys. We live in the beautiful mountains of western Montana with dreams of homesteading and opening a birth sanctuary.

Read more about my story here~

Training and Experience

I am an Indie Birth Midwifery School graduate, a certified Perinatal Nutrition Educator, and am currently an apprentice midwife. I have completed workshop trainings in midwifery clinical skills, as well as breech and twins with Dr. Stuart Fischbein OBGYN. Along with serving as a doula, my intentions are to offer educational opportunities for my community and eventually practice as an independent midwife.


The Hiring

Step 1 -- Schedule a free initial consultation.

(This is where we will go over your unique situation, expectations, goals, and compensation.)

Step 2 -- Sit with and process what was discussed.

Step 3 -- If it seems like a good fit, accept the service agreement.

Step 4 -- Sign the agreement and let our journey together begin!

Let’s Work Together

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